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Left to right:  Jared Rhodes, Darryl Rhodes, Michele Rhodes, Susie Rhodes, Natalie Walenta, Amy Walenta, Jeff Walenta, and Julia Walenta.

We have raised registered and commercial Red Angus Cattle on our ranch near Florence, Kansas since 2010. We are very pleased with the calving ease, good dispositions, and performance of the cattle. You are welcome to stop by anytime. Below is some information on the Red Angus breed.

BREED: Red Aberdeen Angus

COLOR: Red, however, the RAAA has a colorblind registration process so that Black Angus genetics may be utilized and registered as well.

ANCESTRY: The Red Angus descends from the Aberdeen Angus of England and Scotland when black native Celtic cattle of inland Scotland bred with dun-colored polled cattle brought by raiding Norsemen during the eighth century. The red coat likely began when genetics from the predominately red English longhorns were introduced in order to provide draught oxen. These genetics combined ultimately became the original Angus that was first recorded in the Aberdeen Angus Handbook. Some were Red and some were Black.

HISTORY: The first 1862 Aberdeen Angus Herdbook, in Scotland, didn't distinguish Angus cattle color, and neither did the first American herdbook in 1886. The Angus was first introduced to America in the 1870s and soon became very popular. In 1917, the reds and all other colors were barred from registration. Seven members formed the Red Angus Association of America, the beef industry's first performance registry, in 1954.

BREED CHARACTERISTICS: Red Angus are known for carcass quality, caliving ease, maternal characteristics, stayability, moderate size, uniformity, good disposition, and feed efficiency.

NATIONAL ORGANIZATION: Red Angus Association of America (RAAA), located in Commerce City, Colorado.

MORE INFORMATION: Contact the RAAA by email at info@redangus.org, visit their website at redangus.org or call 940-387-3502.